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Dear friends,

On behalf of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, I am honoured to welcome you all to the annual «WORLD HOCKEY FORUM»!

In 2016, our first «WORLD HOCKEY FORUM» brought together a number of authoritative international hockey experts and stars and demonstrated a powerful communication potential. The open and direct dialogue among the leaders of the hockey movement that took place as part of its rich program made it possible to develop initiatives and proposals designed to support and popularize hockey, as well as expand representation.

To continue this productive collaboration, Moscow once again welcomes guests to address relevant issues and discuss advanced ideas that may help further develop both professional and amateur hockey. I am certain that the Forum will further consolidate the specialists interested in continued success of our favourite sport, and that each year the «WORLD HOCKEY FORUM» will bring together more participants.

I hope your communication with one another will be interesting, your discussions – fruitful, and your collaborations – effective and productive.

Arkady Rotenberg, Chairman of the Management Board of the Russian Federation of Hockey

Dear Colleagues

The World Ice Hockey Forum successfully held in 2016 demonstrated the readiness of the professional ice hockey community for a constructive dialogue. Today, one can state with a great deal of confidence that last year’s congress in Moscow was an important step in the ongoing development of our sport.

It is evident that the efforts of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation together with other main Stakeholders undertaken with the view to bring together representatives of the world’s “hockey family” have been a great success. The forum has a great potential to become an annual event designed to facilitate discussion among the world’s leading specialists, which means that we now have another effective tool that can make our favourite game more interesting, more popular and safer.

We look forward to seeing you in Moscow at the World Ice Hockey Forum in 2017!

René Fasel, International Ice Hockey Federation President 

Dear friends and colleagues!

The results of the first International Ice Hockey Forum held in 2016 in Moscow have largely lived up to our expectations. The number of world-class specialists who took part in it, the number of foreign delegations and mass media representatives, as well as the quality of the discussions held made the forum a truly significant event in the world of professional hockey.

The Russian Ice Hockey Federation, as the organizer of this event, has every intention to reinforce this success. In 2017, we will continue our open communication and exchange of opinions on the most pressing issues. We will also evaluate the relevance of the thematic vectors that were identified at the forum a year ago.

I am certain that the programme of the International Ice Hockey Forum that is being designed today will facilitate ongoing development of our game, lay down the foundation for its future change for the better, identify growth opportunities and offer new solutions.

I hereby invite all the interested individuals to take part in this fruitful dialogue that will be held, once again, in Moscow in December 2017!

Vladislav Tretyak, President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation

Welcoming address of the Minister of sports of the Russian Federation to the participants, organizers and guests of the international “World Hockey Forum”

Dear colleagues and friends!

On behalf of the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation, I am happy to extend our warmest welcome to the participants, organizers and guests of the second international “World Hockey Forum”!

First held in Moscow in 2016, the Forum immediately became a significant event in the world of sports. It initiated a new phase in the development of a constructive dialogue between representatives of the hockey industry from different countries of the world.

The business programme of the “World Hockey Forum – 2017” promises to be intense and full diverse activities, and its professional agenda has never been more substantial.

I hope that the second international “World Hockey Forum” will enable all its participants, organizers and guests to engage in interesting discussions leading to fruitful collaboration, as well as to realize all their plans and achieve all their goals.

P. A. Kolobkov, Minister of sports of the Russian Federation


WHF-2017. The dialogue took place!

The Second World Hockey Forum ended. We express gratitude to all the delegates, speakers, partners…

Key issues in global world ice hockey will be discussed at the International Hockey Forum in Moscow

At the International Hockey Forum (WORLD HOCKEY FORUM/WHF), to be held in Moscow on December,…










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