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Ordering procedure and payment services with use of plastic cards.

Payment is made via the authorization server of the Processing center of the Bank using the Bank cards of the following payment systems:


For payment you will be redirected to the payment gateway AKB “RosEvroBank” to input your card details. Please have your card ready beforehand. Connection with the payment gateway and information transfer are made in a secure mode using SSL encryption Protocol.

In case your Bank supports the safe online transactions such as Verified By Visa or MasterCard Secure Code to complete the payment, you may also need to enter a special password. Ways and the ability to obtain passwords for making online payments you can check in the Bank that issued the card.

This website supports 256-bit encryption. Confidentiality of the transferred personal information is provided by JSCB “RosEvroBank”. The entered information will not be disclosed to third parties except for the cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Payments with Bank cards are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of payment systems Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl.

Description of the payment process

When paying with a credit card, the payment for the order is carried out immediately after its conclusion. After the completion of your order in your personal cabinet, you have to click on the button “Payment by credit card”, and the system will switch you to the page of authentication server, where you will be prompted to enter credit card data and initiate its authorization, and then return to your personal cabinet – click “Back ” button. After you return to your personal account, the system will notify you about the result of the authorization. In case of authorization confirmation your order will be automatically executed in accordance with the criteria you’ve specified. In case of refusal of authorization of the card you will be able to repeat the payment procedure.

In case of cancellation of order

If you cancel items from your order (or canceling the entire order) you can order other services for that amount, or return the full amount to your card, please notify us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A refund will only be made to the card used for payment.

The actions of the card Holder in a bad situation

If you get a negative result of the authorization, the Bank sends a notification about the refusal in the operation and transmits this information to the online store and the card holder, stating reasons for the refusal. If there is a failure in the implementation of the payment transaction, try to find out with the consultants of your Bank. Also on our website You can also choose a different payment method or send a request to our Manager. Then on e-mail specified at registration will be sent a confirmation that we’ve received your application. We will soon contact you to offer options to resolve issues.

Safety measures when paying with a credit card on the Internet

Don’t use the PIN CODE when ordering goods and services via the Internet and also by phone/Fax.

Do not disclose personal information or information about banking(s) card (account) via the Internet, such as PIN CODE, passwords of access to the resources of the Bank, the validity of credit card, credit limits, transaction history, personal details.

Use only Internet sites of well-known and proven organizations of trade and services.

Be sure to verify that addresses of Internet sites you are connected to and where you are going to make purchases are correct because similar addresses can be used to perform illegal actions.

Pay by card only on the secure pages of the website, in the browser address bar will show “https://” and the icon of a closed padlock. The icon means that your data will be transmitted in encrypted form.

Install on your computer antivirus software and regularly update it and update other software that you use (operating system and application programs), it may protect you from malicious software.

It is recommended to make purchases only from your personal computer in order to preserve the confidentiality of personal data and(or) information on banking(s) card (account).


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