What topics will come to the fore this year? Leading specialists, scientists, researchers, world ice-hockey players will focus on a review of the key issues of hockey development in the global world.

In the section “Analysis of factors influencing the development of ice hockey in the global world: Research studies of various scientific schools” researchers from leading universities in the world will present their vision of the key problems of hockey development in the global world and the analysis of negative and positive influences on hockey strategies.

One of the participants of the Forum, Professor John Nauright from the University of North Texas (USA) draws attention to the fact that “… new economies are growing, first of all, in such countries as China, India and Brazil. There are tens and hundreds of millions of people with high incomes, and there are certain markets where ice hockey can and should “take off”. Our presentations are based on the initial focus of the Forum on a small number of new markets when studying the state of play and business in the “main” countries – Russia, Canada and Sweden. We’ll take a look at how hockey is growing in the United States, China, Australia, and other countries. Let’s analyze new opportunities in Korea, the Middle East, South America and southern Africa. We need coordinated strategies that distinguish large, established and developing markets, especially when discussing the participation of young people, developing talent and effectively developing the game for a global hockey audience. ”


Presentations will include an analysis of key issues from our speakers:

 Dan Mason, University of Alberta, Canada. “Recreational areas around the arena: “The role of ice hockey in the economic development and quality of urban life in Canada”

 Guillaume Bode, University of Lyon 1 (France). “Who are they? Focus of the profile of all participants of French hockey “.

 Michel Robidoux, University of Ottawa, Canada. “Results of the hockey injury risk analysis, definition of the conditions and mechanisms for the age groups of the players”.

 Yuri Buckman, University of Malmö (Sweden). “Comparative analysis of the corporate business models of Swedish and Finnish elite hockey with washers.”

 Brandon Mastromartino, University of Georgia (USA). “Marketing strategies for ice hockey in non-traditional regions, as exemplified by NHL clubs in the southern United States.”

Full programme of the Forum http://whforum.ru/en/programma/



WHF will get together hockey, business and government representatives and also the experts of international hockey industry


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